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Is there Fate in our lives? Well, it seems like there are things that are impossible to stop, like earthquakes, but the question is, can you get away, or duck in time. Robert Hand told me that he thinks in terms of a certain symbolism or energy which, due to your horoscope, is bound to surround you. At a certain time and place. The question is can you satisfy a Mars energy, by deliberately running a mile so as to avoid this energy later coming up in an argument?

So from another angle, we could ask "why are we here anyway, if not to change things or exercise our will ?"

Is it as Mr Rick said (more or less) in Casablanca, "The problems of three people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world..."

Should that stop us from trying?  I, for one believe in breaking eggs to make omlettes. However we are probably not all as important as we like to think we are. Still, a mouse has a duty to be be a mouse.

And then Robert Burns said, " the best laid plans of mice and men aft gang aglee.."

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Every few days a question comes up in a person's life that would benefit from an astrological insight. Astrologers have cast the charts of questions asked for the exact time and place that the question was born, just as if a baby had been born then and there. The vocabulary of the questions and answers are different but the astrological principles of the planets are the same. Saturn means repression, stop. Mars means you are going too fast, and so on. The ancients called this horary astrology, based on the Latin word hora which means hour.

Here we calculate a chart for the hour of the question and focus our analysis on the appropriate planet. For example, the moon if the question is about your mother, or Saturn if the question is about an old person. Or perhaps, the midpoint of Saturn and the Moon if the question is about your grandmother.


To keep it simple, we look at the rulerships of your sun sign, and moon sign, and perhaps your rising sign if you know it.

Again , these hourly readings are about a pressing question that has just popped into your head. If you do this too often it wont work. Focus, think, deliberate and then study the answers that were calculated for your rulerships at this hour.<>

Bill Kennick
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So remember, focus, timing.

Caution: if you see something you don't like, Don't Panic. My language tends to be melodramatic. There are LOTS OF cutsie, person centered, lovey-dovey, humanistic, child-friendly readings you can get all over the internet, just not here. This is the old fashioned dark moon, dark spirited, stuff that was so prevalent in the past millenium.. Bill Kennick

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