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Musings of the Kennewick man (who, at the time had the political inappropriateness to be shot with a 19,500 year old arrow head embedded in his 20,000 year old caucasoid bones, and whose very existence suggests the politically incorrect idea that he was in America contemporaneously with the aboriginal native americans (Indians), and whose very existence now creates a legitimacy problem for numerous tax-free gambling casinos and cheaper cigarette tax-haven vendors) :

My name is Bill Kennewick, consulting anthropologist.. I am 70 years old and
I am a retired lawyer, (license in Ohio) and currently live with my witch of a wife and lazy son in Greenwood Lake, NY. I have a daughter in school  in Massachusetts.

I have an AB in Anthropology, (University of Chicago), MA in Sociology, (Kent State
University), and JD in Law (University of Akron).

I could teach reading and writing skills (English) and probably assist in a few other
things, including but not limited to softball, debate, music (I play jazz piano and tango
accordion and dabble at string bass). I have taught tap dance and have recently take up
tango (3 years ago).

 I have built and dismantled computers since 1982 and (like everyone else)
have done web pages, Photoshop, Linux, Apple, Microsoft so I could give a course in
operating systems, if " Trial Techniques"  seems to rarified. I have also built a rather large telescope and
photographed Mars in the last 10 years. This summer will  be an exciting time for Mars
enthusiasts, and I hope to visit Stellafane in Springfield,Vermont where amateur astronomers
will gather.
  I have been out of the state of Ohio for 20 years due to marriage and the raising of children. I worked part time as an computer and sound engineer, and internet designer and occasional legal consultant for my wife (Valerie Dejean) who owns the Spectrum Center. Most of my teachers and employers are dead, but I am not ( though I may look like it when I tango).. I am currently collecting social security and have come to appreciate the theory of the welfare state.
 I am of reasonably sound mind but the short term memory suffers a little.

 I specialized in Tax and Space law while at the University of Akron studying under the great Hamilton Dessausure, but in the world out of law school, I found the specialty somewhat rarified- at the time. Now with SpaceX and the like, It seems that my time has come. Now, however, due to the long time absence from law, and work, I need new credentials.

 . My children (twins) will be packing off to college in 2019. One is already away from home, and my wife is sick and tired of me, so it is an appropriate time to be looking for a new job.

 I am studying music more seriously these days, piano and accordion being my main instruments, and I am turning out to be an enthusiastic Tango dancer, (but again short term memory makes it difficult to memorize steps as I might have earlier.)

The time for private ventures in space has arrived. I would lake to be a part of that. I have drawn my inspiration from Robert Heinlein's "The Man Who Sold the Moon", published in the 1950s and read by me in the 1960s. . William J kennewick Quoting billkennewick

 Thanks for the opportunity to play at Townhouse 275. Very nice venue and good looking people. If you have a picture of me and/or a sound clip maybe you could send it to me and allow me to put it on my website or Youtube. I hope to see you again soon, recapping some of the songs you heard:
Tangos La Cumparsata Jalousie Whatever Lola wants, (Lola Gets) from Broadway show Damn Yankees
 El Cholco
 Volver by Carlos Gardel
 Adios Muchachos
 A La Gran Muneca
 Tango of Roses
Por Una Cabeza well known Tango danced by Al Pacino
Adios Nonino Astor Piazzolla
Gallo Ciego Augustin Bardi

Italian Neapolitan Restaurant 3 Tenors, Arias
Pagliacci by Leoncavallo, Caruso
 Donna e Mobile from Verdi's Rigoletto
Come Back to Sorrento, sung by Pavaratti, Placido Domingo, Carreras
 O Mio Babbino Caro Puccini popularized by Maria Callas
Santa Lucia
 Mona Lisa Nat King Cole (most requested accordion tune)
 Mattinata Leoncavallo Caruso
O Sole Mio

 French Cafe
 Moulin Rouge Theme Boulevard of Broken Dreams (1925)
 Moulin Rouge 1954 Theme Where is Your Heart? Zsa Zsa Gabor
 Autumn Leaves
 La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf
Love in the Afternoon Theme, Fascination Audrey Hepburn
 Under Paris Skies Hubert Giraud
 My Ideal from Maurice Chevalier
 Poor People of Paris
The Realist Singer in French and German Film
 La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf
Falling in Love Again Marlene Dietrich

 Sinatra Brooklyn, NY
 New York New York Theme
 I Did it My Way (Boy did I!)
 Come Fly with me
 Fly me to the Moon
 Isle of Capri Tango
 Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry "Only the Lonely" Album
 Strangers in the Night

 Jazz Accordion
 Vincent Youmans More Than You Know

 Latin and Polish, Slovenian Favorites
 Green Eyes Aquellos Ojos Verdes
Who Stole the Kishka (actually somebody stole the sheet music so I couldn't play it)

Jazz Piano
Tune Up (Miles Davis)
 Blues in G (Bobby Walker)
 Around Midnight (Thelonious Monk)
 September in the Rain (Errol Garner style)
 I Remember April (George Shearing Style)
 How are Things in Glocca Morra?

 General Thoughts:
 It was easy to get to your place in Brooklyn, NY once I got my EZ-pass. I got off the Verrazano Bridge at 92nd Street and went a few blocks to your place at 94th and 3rd Avenue. I ended up parking on Shore Drive and walking 4 blocks. Very clean upscale neighborhood. Lots of restaurants on 3rd Avenue. I ended up getting only a bagle, but then again I was nervous, this being my first gig in NY-NY.

 I should have played (maybe next time): September Song -Kurt Weill Mack the Knife- Kurt Weill Lotte Lenya Crazy- Willie Nelson I Fall to Pieces- Patsy Kline Who's Got the Last Laugh Now? -Gershwin, Fred Astaire, Sinatra Jazz and Broadway classics including more Nat King Cole, Harold Arlin, Cole Porter etc.

 The trouble was that I needed a better light over my music stand in order to make out the more complicated jazz chords. I have already ordered new lamps from Sam Ash so we will see.

 When I was younger, say 50 years ago, I had better eyesight (and more hair) but I hadn't been burned by life and love to the extent I have now. True I had some wistful desire to be "The Fool on the Hill" but (neither) I (nor McCartney) understood everything that that entailed. Too soon old and too late smart, as they say back where I come from.

 So anyway,irregardless and irrespective, a lot of these tunes do play pretty well on accordion. And yes, I forgot to mention, I did play "Lady of Spain".
Bill kennewick horoscope astrology accordion accordionist tango ballroom piano player tap dance teacher :